About Us

Shenzhen Jinjiang Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of a series of products such as small household appliances, shavers, hair clippers, air purifiers, ultrasonic bionic insect repellents, mouse repellents, and mosquito repellents. manufacturer. Founded in 2008, the company now has an excellent technical team and production team, forward-looking service awareness, and a strong development team, including 5 design engineers, 6 structural engineers, 9 hardware engineers, 9 software engineers, production The team has 120 people, with complete production quality control and strict finished product testing system, advanced production technology, and established a complete set of comprehensive management systems such as personnel management, production management, quality management, and financial management.


Our company focus on product quality and customer satisfaction all the time, and also very strict on quality standards and cargo delivery, for many years, due to our constant research, development, improvement and experience accumulation, our company now is able to supply premium products for customers, as well as getting good feedback. Besides supplying products for our domestic market, we mainly sell and deliver our products to many countries all over the world, like America, Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and so on.

We have one packaging workshop in our company with the coverage area of 900m2, including 9 packaging machines and about 50workers. About plastic products, the workshop of injection occupies 810m2, matched with 13 injection machines, including 5 machines in 80 tons, 3 machines in 50 tons, 3 machines in 160 tons, 2 machines in 130 tons and 25 workers . Since this year, all injection machines have been fully automated with manipulators, which can guarantee the quality, also save costs in the meantime.There is also one stamping workshop, with the area of 3000m2, has precise puncher, high-speed puncher, numerical control puncher, about 20 workers.Our company produces and sells a wide range of pest control products which are used for control of pests in a variety of situations. 

We are a global company, our main hot sale products are plastic mouse traps, rat bait stations, moth trap, metal mole trap, plant protection products, electronic pest repeller, insect glue board, mouse glue trap, bird spikes and this series of pest control products.The company has an elite team integrating professional development, production and sales, and provides customers with meticulous and professional services with comprehensive pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. The company conforms to the trend of the market, can see the needs of consumers, introduces new products, and keeps pace with the times.

In this period full of opportunities and challenges, while the company has excellent offline capabilities, it has gradually expanded its online sales channels, adhering to the cooperation principle of high quality and low price, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. The company will bring affordable and sufficient products to major partners. Let all buyers worry-free purchasing and selling.