2020 New Intelligent Mini Insect Repellent Ultrasonic Intelligent Frequency Conversion Digital Display Mosquito Repellent

Short Description:

Product Name: Ultrasonic Insect Repellent
Product model: 108
Product specifications: American regulations, British regulations, European regulations
Applicable voltage: AC90-250V
Frequency: 12~65khz
Main function: This product uses ultrasonic waves to stimulate the neurons of the pests, and the principle of causing the pests to be uneasy achieves the effect of repelling mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and other pests. This product adopts the frequency conversion ultrasonic chip imported from the United States, which can target a variety of pests and is equipped with a display screen, which can detect and monitor frequency changes at any time. Equipped with a three-stage night light function, the brightness can be switched freely according to needs. And the night light uses orange light, which can better repel mosquitoes [Scientific research shows that mosquitoes do not like/fear orange light (Baidu can check)]. It is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, and non-radiation, suitable for pregnant women and children.

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Description of product:ultrasonic pest repeller is a new type of high-tech electronic product which adopts sweep-frequency high frequency ultrasonic circuit to produce 22~65KHZ sweep-frequency ultrasonic wave generating the endocrine system and physiological function disorder of the mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, mites and other pests within the sonic range of this frequency according to the scientific studies, thus to drive and kill the pests.Ultrasonic waves are harmless to humans and other animals because the sonic wave in excess of 20KHZ is inaudible to humans.

Due to its safety,non-toxic,tasteless and high efficiency, it has been widely used. This product is widely used in homes, warehouses, shops,hotels, hospitals,offices,machine rooms, gardens,hotel grain depots and so on. Effective range of product: 60-100 square meters, the best effect is 60 square meters, and one for each room.

Supply voltage:AC110V-AC240V

Consumed power 5-8W


Installation and method of use:

1.It shall be installed on a power socket on the wall 20-80 centimeters away from the ground (the power socket installed during the home decoration is almost always at this height),stay perpendicular to the ground (be sure to keep in mind that the product cannot be laid flat on the ground). If there is no power supply at this height,an external patch board is needed to keep the product at this height and perpendicular to the ground.

2. There shall be no tall obstacles within 1 meter from the front of the product (that is, it shall not be installed on the back of the refrigerator, wardrobe,sofa and other objects).

3.The product should face a relatively open place in the room, but not a door or window opened for a long time (ultrasonic wave spreads in a straight line, which will make it diffuse outdoors, thus attenuate the intensity of indoor wave field and reduce the efficiency of rat control).

4.Products should avoid facing curtainscloth sofa and other cloth items as far as possible(cloth items are absorbent to ultrasonic wave ).

5. The product should first be installed in the area with the most serious rodent damage. When the rodent population in this area is eliminated, install the product in the relative central position of the house (such as sitting room) or the easiest place for a mouse to come in.

6.The product shall work continuously for 24 hours during use.


FAQ for rat repeller

1. What is ultrasonic wave?

Answer: an object makes a sound when it vibrates. Scientists call the number of vibrations per second as the frequency of sound in Hertz. When an object vibrates beyond a certain frequency,which is higher than the range of people's sense of hearing, people will not be able to hear it, such sound waves are called ultrasonic waves. The auditory range of human ears is between 16HZ and 20KHZ. Although ultrasonic sounds are inaudible to humans, many animals have this ability. Bats can emit ultrasonic waves of 20,000 to 100,000 HZ to track down food or avoid dangerous objects.It's like a mobile "radar station", bats use this "radar" to find targets and catch insects.It was not until world war I that we human beings learned to use ultrasonic wave. This is the principle of using "sonar" to detect objects in water and their states,such as the position of submarines. Ultrasonic wave can not penetrate obstacles, and it has characteristics like strong directivity, short propagation distance, fast attenuation and so on.The propagation way of ultrasonic wave is transmitted by the way of countless reflections of surrounding objects,and even forms the ultrasonic protective screening to cover the whole prevention and treatment space. (Reference: The Nature of Sound)


2. If the mouse repeller has been used for a long time, will the mouse produce adaptability? Will it not work?

Answer: No. The microcomputer automatic sweep-frequency produced by this product is constantly and intermittently changing, so as not to make rats and other pests be “adaptive” and “immune” to a fixed frequency.


3. What is an ultrasonic rat repeller?

Answer:Ultrasonic rat repeller is a kind of device that can produce 20khz-55khz ultrasonic wave based on using professional high-frequency acoustic pulse circuit technology and years of scientific research on rat auditory sense. The ultrasonic wave produced by this device can effectively attack the auditory system of rats and lead to physiological dysfunction of rats. This technology comes from the advanced pest control concepts in Europe and America. The purpose of using this technology is to create a high-quality space without rats and pests,as well as an environment where rats and other pests cannot live, force them to migrate automatically and cannot reproduce and grow within the control range,so as to eradicate rats and pests.


4. Can ultrasound really repel rats?

Answer: Animals like rats and bats communicate through ultrasound. Rats have highly developed auditory systems that are sensitive to ultrasonic sounds and can detect the source of sounds in the dark. When hearing 30-50 KHZ ultrasound, the young rats are able to return to their nests by emitting ultrasound and echo before opening their eyes (Foreign references: Allin and anks1971 ; Carden and Hofer 1992). When adult rats are in crisis, they can call for help by sending out ultrasonic sound. They can also send out ultrasonic wave to express happiness during mating. It can be said that ultrasonic sound is the language between rats (Foreign references: Fay 1988, Warfield 1973,and The Nature of Sound).Therefore, the high-power ultrasound can be used to effectively interfere and stimulate the rat's auditory system, making them feel unbearable, panic, dull, convulsive and other symptoms, thus achieving the purpose of expel the the rats from the scope of prevention and treatment.


5.Why did the rat repeller I bought before didn’t work?

Answer: the following possibilities may affect the use effect: The first is related to the distribution of goods, partition walls, or objects (obstacles). If the density of objects is too high in the control area, or the goods are directly stacked on the ground, or there are too many dead angles, partition walls,etc.,such environment should increase the number of rat repellers;only a high-energy ultrasonic coverage can achieve the effect of rat control. The second is that the placement of the rat repeller also has a lot to do with it. The position of the rat repeller is not good, less reflecting surface can also weaken the efficacy of the rat repeller. As much as possible,keep your rat repeller in a place that produces a lot of reflected and refracted waves. The third is that there is too much space for prevention and control, and the number of rat repeller devices is not enough. If the prevention and control scope cannot be fully covered, the effect of rat control will not be ideal. In this case, the number of rat repellers should be increased and the ultrasonic attack density should be strengthened to achieve the best effect.


6. What problems should be paid special attention to when using the rat and pest repeller?

Answer:as far as possible, the ultrasonic port of the rat repeller should be faced to a relatively open place in the room, and avoid obstruction of two meters ahead of it or directly to the door or window,so as to prevent the ultrasound from sending out of the window to affect the effect. This device does not have waterproof function and it should not be put in damp place, the place that has carpet or close to soft article. In order to prevent and control pests such as rats and cockroaches, try to keep the environment clean at home and cut off the food source of pests. With the use of this machine, you will get satisfactory results. Do not use food to tempt rats to test the effect of a rat repeller after using it for a period of time. Otherwise, all your previous efforts wasted. When it is used in restaurants,supermarkets, shops and other places where food sources of pests are abundant, the number of rat repellers should be increased according to the seriousness of pests to enhance the effect.The range (square meters) referred to in the specification refers to the coverage area measured in open space without obstacles. For specific use,please contact customer service first. In the early days of usage, you will find that the rats and cockroaches become more active,which is a normal phenomenon. You don't have to panic. In the early stage of use, those rats and pests who usually hide in the dark would escape one after another because they could not stand the attack of high-power ultrasonic wave. At this time, if the mouse glue trap,continuous mousetrap, cockroach killer and cockroach house can be used cooperatively, the effect will be better.


7. How long do mice and vermin repel each other?

Answer: When the product starts to show results after two to six weeks of proper use, the number of rats, pests, and other animals will be significantly reduced.

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